swimming lessons North York

Imparting safe water skills in you is what we aim for at White Dolphin Swimming Club. If you are searching for good swimming lessons North York, you have taken the right step. Our swimming classes North York will improve your water skills, prevent injuries, increase your body fitness, and thus, enhance your quality of life holistically.

At our North York swimming club, you can get professional instructors with experience and expertise that can cater to any age group and all the skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Swimming is best for young people like toddlers and school-going kids as their overall confidence gets built in the learning process. Also, exposing them to water at an early age helps them stay away from the possible fear formation around the pool, at the later stage of life. Our North York swimming lessons for kids are designed keeping safety as the topmost priority.

If you are a resident of North York area, you may easily access our North York swimming school. We have a vast and spacious swimming pool to conduct public swimming programs that can help you learn advanced skills. If you do not prefer public programs, then our North York private swimming lessons are perfect for you. Our experienced instructors will help you learn the skills at your own pace and comfort.

Give Your Children the Best Swimming Lessons North York

Our focus is to encourage kids to learn not only the basic swimming skills but also the advanced ones. That's why we have the best North York swimming coach you can get. We can assure you the quality as our instructors are well-experienced and fully insured. Safety is our top priority, and we make sure all our teachers have CPR/First aid lifeguard certifications. We aim to put your child at ease when he/she is taking swimming lessons with us; our friendly, reliable, and professional teachers will ensure the same. We select our private instructors only after a thorough background check and interview process.

How We Make Swimming Lessons North York Fun for Kids?

Our North York kids swimming programs are designed to make the learning exciting and fun for kids. We use different swimming aids and their combinations like fins and snorkels to help the kids learn specific techniques. Our full range of sets and drills enable the kids to enjoy a variety of trainer exercises in water, breaking the monotony of swimming practice.

The infants and toddlers are encouraged to exercise on dry land before or after the swimming class, which also improves their water performance.  We encourage the children to play interactive water sports like water polo to give them a short break from the rigorous swimming lessons.  We aim to inculcate a sense of ownership, pride, and responsibility among the kids towards their training program, which results in faster learning.

Swimming as the best total-body workout program

Swimming is universally accepted as the best way of getting a total-body workout without impacting the joints. It increases the overall flexibility, burns the extra calories, and improves your body's motor coordination. It also strengthens your joints and betters your posture. The best part is swimming can be enjoyed at all the age groups from toddlers to seniors.