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2020 Fall semester registration starts! Yorkmills Location and Richmond Hill Location Only!

White Dolphin Swimming Club (WD SWIM)

Progressively develop skills, endurance, stamina, and your competitive edge at White Dolphin Swim Club (WD SWIM)

The NO.1 Swimming Team in Ontario

White Dolphin Swimming Club is a leading private swimming school offering swimming lessons and classes for baby, kids, toddlers & adults in North York, Richmond Hill, Toronto. We are the NO. 1 swimming team in Ontario. We have won hundreds awards in the past 10 years.

Congrats for Winning the Greatest Phase of All

Winning 18 Swimming Awards at MAC Fall Fest Invitational 2019


Our boys and girls in White Dolphin Swimming School exceptionally well deserve this congratulation for their diligent work and commitment. Congrats again on their prosperity.

Emily Guo
10-year-old women's group 100 Meter Breast first place, 200 Meter Free third place, 50 Meter Fly third place, 50 Meter Free third place;
Zoey Liu
10-year-old women's group 100 Meter IM third place, 100 Meter Free third place;
Can Sun
13-year-old women's group 200 Meter Breast third place;
Martin Liu
10-year-old men's group 50 Meter Fly first place, 100 Meter IM second place, 100 Meter Breast second place, 100 Meter Free second place, 50 Meter Back third place;
Richard Ian
11-year-old man group 50 Meter Free second place;
Jinrui Zhao
11-year-old men's group 100 Meter Back second place;
Xiaoyang Zhu
11-year-old men's group 100 Meter Back first place, 200 Meter IM second place, 200 Meter Back second place, 100 Meter Free third place.

Keep up the spirit and enjoy. Heartiest congratulations, dear. May achievement always kiss you.

Richmond Hill Campus Gallery

 Our Richmond Hill and North York swimming classes cover everyone - from beginners to advanced swimmers, and from toddlers to seniors. Our range of services includes public swimming programs, private swimming lessons for beginners, and special swimming programs for infants, kids, as well as adults. We also have customized lesson plans for people looking for specialized skills and techniques.

North York Campus Gallery

We have a team of professional instructors and coaches, including retired Olympians, national athletes, and provincial athletes. Our team coaches are certified with NCCP. All of our instructors are certified LLS, and NLS. Our team taught our student by using the most advanced techniques.

Welcome to White Dolphin Swimming Club

The White Dolphin Swimming Club is a private, non-for-profit organization in the city of Toronto. Our swimming school provides beginners' and competitive swimming lessons to children and adults in North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, and surrounding areas. Swimming is very good for one's health, and consistent, relaxed exposure to water is important in making swimming an enjoyable and beneficial part of your child's life.


2019 Winter Schedule Comes!

September 12, 2019

Welcome for booking the free trial class.

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Join Our Swim Team Programs!

September 12, 2019

We open 3 swim teams: Senior, Junior and Youth.

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How swimming lessons North York will help your kid learn and enjoy swimming

August 31, 2019

Imparting safe water skills in you is what we aim for at White Dolphin Swimming Club. If you are searching for good swimming lessons North…

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Join Markham swimming lessons for the best swimming experience

August 31, 2019

We, at White Dolphin Swimming Club, offer you the best Markham swimming lessons irrespective of your age group and skill level. Our Markham swimming classes…

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 Swimming Lessons at White Dolphin Swimming Club

White Dolphin Swimming Club offers some innovative swimming lessons for you! Mums-to-be can make the best use of our aqua-natal yoga and continue with the customized swimming lessons for their babies and toddlers. These programs are conducted by our team of specialized teachers, who not just completed the comprehensive aquatic training of White Dolphin Swimming Club along with training with the Swimming Teachers’ Association. We focus on teaching lifesaving skills at a young age, and help babies, as well as toddlers, learn the essential skills required to ensure they are safe in the water, until they can swim independently. Be it Markham, North York or Richmond Hill, we got you covered at all locations! We make sure our swimming classes for toddlers help them develop a strong bond with water.

At the White Dolphin Swimming Club, we offer private swimming lessons, Baby swimming classes (6 months to 3 years old), adult swimming programs and toddler swim lessons. We are one of the best swimming schools in North York and Richmond Hill where you can get your kids swimming independently in a short time.

Private Swimming Lessons

This is required for infants and students who are beginners and not very safe in the water and need a lot of attention. It is recommended for those who face anxiety around water. Whether you reside in Markham or Richmond Hill, we offer private swimming lessons at the comfort of your home.

Baby Swim ( 6 months to 3 years old)

The Parent-Tot program is aimed at children under the age of 3 years. This is necessary to help children get comfortable in the water and helps develop a great bonding between parents and children.

Adult Swim Lessons

These swimming lessons are for adults who are afraid of water or for those who wish to hone their swimming skills.

Toddler Swim Lessons

These are a progression from the baby swimming lessons. The course includes teaching swimming techniques, floating, safety skills, individual as well as group work inclusive of songs and games. The toddler course is divided into three levels depending on age and ability like Children Learn to Swim 4-10 years and Improver 6-16 years. Also, a program is running specially for the pre-schoolers from 2-4 years age group toddlers. These lessons are the best way to teach the child how to swim and improve their confidence level when in water.

Swim Team

This group builds upon the fundamental swimming skills learned in the previous group. More advanced drills and training techniques are introduced progressively to improve overall coordination and efficiency in water. Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice regularly and participate in swim meets. Competitive goals include longer swims and sets, achieving  Swimming Ontario’s ‘A/B’ times, continuing to master the four competitive strokes, and gaining proficiency in turns, starts, and finishes. Practices are offered up to 6 days a week.


This course is an introduction to lifesaving leadership and first aid skills. Candidates will develop problem solving, decision-making skills individually and in partners. Candidates will learn CPR and basic first aid treatment.

Why Choose White Dolphin Swimming Club?

At White Dolphin Swimming Club, we have a team of highly trained swimming coaches and professional instructors who are retired Olympians, provincial as well as national athletes. All our swimming coaches have been certified with NCCP. All the instructors at our Club are certified LLS and NLS.

The teachers at White Dolphin Swimming Club have been trained to the highest standard with the Swimming Teachers' Association and they also own a lifesaving and rescue qualification. Additionally, the teachers also have completed rigorous training at the Club. The coaches and teachers are well-qualified and have also been trained to understand how babies communicate with others in the pre-verbal period, the early development of their brains, etc.

 At the White Dolphin Swimming Club, we believe that swimming can be fun!

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